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The work of Finnish artist Sari Rockas is an exploration of reborn gardens and landscapes.

Visual art has always been present in her life, particularly she has been interested in textiles since childhood.
After years of passion for visual art, she has become a painter herself during the last few years. Sari now employs different acrylic and aquarelle painting techniques on canvas or paper, she loves the mix of old and new, a search of classic and modern is constantly present in her works. She employs often bold color palette which becomes characteristic of many of her paintings.

Sari likes to confront the viewer with a mix of daylight and night shadows, texture, depth of color, and a glimpse of myth and fantasy, sometimes even a surprising pop of color. 

Sari has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in France where she has lived for several years. 

She enjoys the challenge of every new piece and wants to bring new perspectives to viewers with her work. Many of her paintings fall into two themes: “Storm in the garden” and “Towards the light”.

Painter and artist Sari Rockas lives and works in Espoo Finland.


Fluorescence I
Series Aquarelle Seaside

Watercolor on paper 50 x 70 cm

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